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Transforming the online presence of Capital Management Realty with a modern and feature-rich website. Streamlined design, seamless integrations, and enhanced user experience drive conversions and capture leads.

Created for:


Outdated website structure and limited conversion-focused design.


Revamped website with enhanced user experience, added features, and improved lead generation capabilities.

Design and Prototyping

Our design process focused on creating a modern and visually appealing website that prioritizes conversion. Through thorough research and iterative prototyping, we crafted a user-friendly interface that showcases the company's services.


Using Next.js and Tailwind, we developed the Capital Management Realty website with scalability, performance, and responsiveness in mind. Meticulous coding, rigorous testing, and seamless integration with APIs ensured a smooth user experience and reliable functionality.

Integrations and Features

The website integrates various APIs, including Estated and ATTOM for property data and home valuation, Geoapify for location services, Simplyrets for property listings, and Supabase for secure user login and database management. Mailgun handles email communications, while additional features such as a mortgage calculator and property search tool provide added value to users.


The Capital Management Realty website is a polished and feature-rich platform that showcases the company's services, team, and valuable resources. Users can easily navigate through property listings, calculate mortgage estimates, and access a range of tools for their real estate needs.

Final Thoughts

This project successfully revitalized the company's online presence, combining a modern design with enhanced functionality. The improved website is designed to drive conversions and capture leads, positioning Capital Management Realty as a trusted real estate partner.


The project was developed using Next.js, a powerful JavaScript framework, and Tailwind CSS, a highly customizable CSS framework.

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