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Powerful CRM for La Reyna del Credito: manage leads, customer information, payment tracking, document storage, automated communications, reports, and more.

Created for:


Fragmented systems, lack of centralized customer management.


Unified CRM solution for efficient customer and process management.

Design and Prototyping

The design and prototyping phase began with the creation of wireframes, which allowed us to visualize and understand the user flows within the CRM system. From there, we developed final designs that aimed to incorporate maximum information within the views, prioritizing agility over intricate UI design to ensure a seamless user experience (UX). The focus was on streamlining workflows and presenting information efficiently, optimizing user interactions and overall productivity for La Reyna del Credito.


The development process for La Reyna del Credito's CRM follows a robust and iterative approach. The system architecture incorporates multiple services to enhance overall efficiency. Regular refactorings are conducted with each update, ensuring continuous improvements and seamless integration of new features. Utilizing the Agile Methodology, weekly development sprints focus on incorporating new functionalities and enhancing existing ones, aligning with the evolving needs of the client. This dynamic and progressive approach guarantees a constantly evolving system that delivers optimal performance and meets the unique requirements of La Reyna del Credito.

Integrations and Features

The CRM solution seamlessly integrates Algolia for advanced search functionalities, Auth0 for secure user authentication, and AWS for secure file storage. It incorporates Docusign for automated document signing, ensuring a streamlined process. Mailgun facilitates efficient email communication, while Twilio enables effective SMS capabilities. Redis is utilized for caching, optimizing load times, and enhancing overall performance. Real-time notifications are implemented through websockets. These integrations provide a comprehensive set of features, including lead management, customer profiles, payment tracking, document storage, automated communications, customizable configurations, lead distribution, and activity logs.


La Reyna del Credito's CRM is a powerful and comprehensive solution that revolutionizes their customer and process management. The final product incorporates a user-friendly interface designed to streamline workflows and optimize efficiency. With integrated lead management, detailed customer profiles, payment tracking, document storage, and automated communications via email and text messages, the CRM empowers La Reyna del Credito to efficiently handle their operations. The system's advanced reporting, employee dashboards, customizable configurations, lead distribution, and activity logs provide a high level of control and transparency. Overall, the CRM enables La Reyna del Credito to deliver exceptional customer service, enhance their digital presence, and achieve their business goals efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The CRM solution developed for La Reyna del Credito has significantly improved their operational efficiency, digital presence, and customer satisfaction. It offers a streamlined approach to lead management, centralizes customer information, and enhances process tracking. The powerful integrations and functionalities provided by the CRM enable effective communication, task organization, and data security. The continuous development approach ensures that the product can adapt and scale as the business grows, providing ongoing value and support to La Reyna del Credito's operations.


The CRM solution leverages React for a dynamic and interactive user interface, Node.js for efficient server-side processing, and PostgreSQL for secure and reliable data storage. This powerful stack ensures scalability, performance, and seamless integration of key functionalities.

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CRM La Reyna del Credito

Powerful CRM for La Reyna del Credito: manage leads, customer information, payment tracking, document storage, automated communications, reports, and more.

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