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The DNC Phone Scrub is a tool to help WCL avoid calling customers who have expressed their preference for no commercial calls, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential legal issues.

Created for:


Risk of calling customers on the Do Not Call list.


Efficient identification and removal of phone numbers on the DNC list.

Design and Prototyping

The design and prototyping process involved analyzing similar tools in the industry and incorporating improvements based on best UI/UX practices. Key features included a matching section to evaluate fields (Phone, Email, and Name) in the uploaded file and a main table for quick visualization of search results. The goal was to create a user-friendly interface that streamlined the process and provided a seamless experience for West Capital Lending.


The development process involved utilizing React and tailwindcss for the client-side, and Node.js with ApolloServer (GraphQL) for the backend. PostgreSQL was chosen as the database for secure data storage. The development team at Devio focused on creating a scalable and efficient system, implementing robust features for file handling, data matching, and DNC list integration. Rigorous testing and optimization were conducted to ensure a smooth and reliable user experience.

Integrations and Features

The DNC Phone Scrub seamlessly integrates with various tools and functionalities. It utilizes Auth0 for secure user authentication, AWS for reliable file storage, Redis for efficient data caching, and incorporates the TCPALitigator List API that allows West Capital Lending to clean the phone lists in seconds. Additionally, the tool enables West Capital Lending to upload their own phone numbers to an internal DNC database.


The DNC Phone Scrub is a fast and efficient solution that empowers West Capital Lending to ensure compliance with DNC regulations, saving them potential legal issues and expenses. With its secure user access and cutting-edge technologies, the product offers a solid foundation that allows for the incorporation of new addons, transforming it into a robust intranet with a multitude of services. Its advanced features and secure framework enable West Capital Lending to streamline their operations, leverage innovative tools, and ultimately, mitigate risks while achieving long-term scalability and cost savings.

Final Thoughts

The DNC Phone Scrub has proven to be a valuable tool for West Capital Lending, enabling them to comply with regulations and avoid potential legal consequences. The product significantly speeds up the process of identifying and removing phone numbers on the DNC list, saving time and resources for the company. With its intuitive interface and robust features, the DNC Phone Scrub enhances data accuracy, provides transparency through log records, and empowers administrators to manage user access effectively.


The stack for the project includes React and tailwind for the client-side, Node.js with ApolloServer (GraphQL) for the backend, and PostgreSQL for the database, ensuring a scalable and efficient solution for the DNC Phone Scrub tool.

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