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Advanced ERP for Reyes Energy: Streamline client data management, route tracking, receipt automation for optimal efficiency, and more.

Created for:


Absence of digital systems and centralized management of customer data and routes.


Centralized ERP System for Enhanced Customer and Route Management.

Design and Prototyping

The initial phase focused on developing wireframes to define user journeys within the ERP system and the PWA, leading to the creation of final designs that emphasized clarity and efficiency. The approach prioritized ease of use and straightforward information access, aiming to enhance the user experience (UX) and streamline workflows. This strategy was directed towards increasing operational efficiency and user engagement, specifically tailored to Reyes Energy's unique requirements.


The development for Reyes Energy entailed crafting a flexible Progressive Web App (PWA) for its update and device compatibility advantages, coupled with a comprehensive ERP system to centralize all aspects of operations, from route planning to employee management. Devio Tech focused on a robust, scalable architecture to support these essential functionalities and allow for future upgrades.

Integrations and Features

The project for Reyes Energy integrated several key functionalities and services, such as Datadog for monitoring, Auth0 for secure authentication, AWS for cloud-based file storage, Twilio for messaging services, and Mapbox for advanced mapping capabilities. These integrations significantly boosted the functionality and user experience of both the PWA and ERP systems.


The development for Reyes Energy included a versatile Progressive Web App (PWA) for benefits in updates and device compatibility. This PWA was tailored for truck drivers, offering optimized routes, streamlined documentation, and centralized communication with corporate and clients. Meanwhile, the ERP, aimed at the admin level, provided route creation optimization, analytics, reporting, and tracking of driver performance, ensuring a unified system for all operations. The architecture was robust and scalable to support these functionalities and potential future enhancements.

Final Thoughts

The adoption of the PWA and ERP by Reyes Energy has revolutionized their operations, bringing substantial enhancements in functionality, user experience, and efficiency. This transformation has notably benefited both the company and its clients, particularly in areas of data tracking and the streamlining of documentation processes.


Reyes Energy's ERP and App leverage Node and GraphQL for robust backend operations, React for a responsive frontend experience, PostgreSQL for secure and scalable data storage, TailwindCSS for sleek, modern styling, and TypeScript for dependable coding. This comprehensive stack delivers a seamless, high-efficiency platform tailored for energy management.

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