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A comprehensive website that showcases insurance services, office locations, and facilitates easy payment options for existing customers.

Created for:


Outdated website design and lack of conversion-focused structure.


Revamped design, enhanced UX, and optimized lead distribution.

Design and Prototyping

The design process prioritized aligning with the aesthetic of the insurance industry while ensuring an optimized user experience. The team carefully crafted the layout, incorporating visual cues and user-friendly timers to enhance usability and engagement.


Leveraging the power of Next.js and Tailwind, the Hammer Insurance website was meticulously developed with a focus on scalability, performance, and user experience. The combination of these technologies allowed for seamless navigation, fast loading times, and a responsive interface across different devices. The result is a highly optimized website that delivers a smooth and engaging browsing experience for users.

Integrations and Features

The website utilizes Hygraph CMS for effortless content management, enabling updates to services, office locations, and payments. Datadog integration ensures optimal performance and analytics. Lead distribution, bilingual support, and a conversion-focused design enhance the user experience.


The Hammer Insurance website is a powerful tool that simplifies insurance services, offers intuitive user experiences, and provides seamless access to various functionalities. With its modern and visually appealing design, the website captures visitors' attention while ensuring convenient navigation. Customers can explore insurance options, locate offices, and securely make payments, all within a user-friendly platform. The integration of lead distribution and automated processes enhances customer engagement and streamlines operations. Hammer Insurance delivers a comprehensive and efficient solution that meets the needs of customers and the insurance provider.

Final Thoughts

Hammer Insurance's revamped website delivers an elevated digital presence and improved user experience. With its user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, managing insurance services becomes effortless. The website's scalability and regular updates ensure it remains responsive to the company's evolving needs, fostering growth and reinforcing its digital footprint.


The Hammer Insurance website was developed using Next.js and TailwindCSS, ensuring optimal performance, responsiveness, and flexibility.

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