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A simple but super cool landing page offering three exclusive NFTs from Jiu Jitsu Junkies curated collection.

Created for:


Selling NFTs on a custom website


A user-friendly website with a smart contract incorporating minting and sales start and end dates.

Design and Prototyping

During the design and prototyping process, the primary focus was on creating an irresistibly captivating landing page for Jiu-Jitsu Junkies' NFT collection. Devio collaborated closely with the brand to ensure the design was not only modern but also aligned with the essence and aesthetics of the collection.


The development process for the NFT Website posed an exciting challenge as it involved programming for the Web 3.0 ecosystem and implementing a smart contract. Devio utilized Next.js and Tailwind CSS to create a fast, responsive, and visually appealing website that seamlessly integrated with the blockchain. The smart contract, built with Polygon, facilitated secure and efficient transactions for users interested in purchasing the exclusive NFTs. This integration required expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract development to ensure a smooth user experience and the utmost security for all transactions

Integrations and Features

Key integrations and functionalities included Planetscale as the reliable database for data storage, Mailerlite and Mailgun for efficient email marketing campaigns, Datadog for comprehensive monitoring, and Polygon for secure Web3 transactions. These integrations enhanced the website's performance, data management, and user experience.


The final product is a captivating landing page where users can acquire unique NFTs from Jiu-Jitsu Junkies' collection. The website incorporates a smooth user flow, secure transactions using Polygon, and a pre-sale feature that rewards early registration. It offers a seamless and engaging experience for users interested in owning exclusive Jiu-Jitsu-themed NFTs.

Final Thoughts

The NFT Website project allowed Devio to explore the potential of smart contracts and gain valuable experience in the evolving NFT market. While acknowledging its ephemeral nature, Devio remains prepared to leverage this expertise for future opportunities in blockchain technology and decentralized solutions. This project showcases our adaptability and forward-thinking approach, setting the stage for further innovations in the realm of smart contracts and decentralized technologies.


Next.js, a powerful React framework, and Tailwind CSS were used to develop the NFT Website. This stack enables fast development and allows for efficient customization and responsive design.

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