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Discover top commercial properties with Khoshbin's web platform: intuitive, fast, and visually engaging, simplifying your real estate journey.

Created for:


Lack of space to easily access current and past listings to receive rent inquiries


Streamlined, rich in features for effortless Real Estate navigation

Design and Prototyping

Our approach for Khoshbin involved detailed research and feedback-driven iterations, leading to a seamless, user-focused interface. We emphasized modern design and user preferences, creating an engaging and intuitive real estate platform.


Leveraging Next.js and TailwindCSS, we focused on delivering exceptional performance and responsiveness. Through careful coding, thorough testing, and ongoing optimization, we ensured a streamlined and effective web experience for users.

Integrations and Features

We utilized Mailgun for streamlined email communications, Mapbox for advanced mapping and location services, and Doppler for secure environment variable management. These integrations enhance the platform's user experience by facilitating efficient property searches, ensuring secure and personalized user interactions, and enabling robust data handling capabilities, thereby offering a comprehensive and seamless real estate browsing experience.


The final iteration of Khoshbin's platform is a sophisticated and feature-packed web environment. Users are greeted with a visually stunning interface, allowing them to effortlessly browse detailed property listings, save favorites, assess property values, and leverage a suite of extra tools and resources. This platform simplifies the journey of discovering or evaluating commercial real estate, making it more accessible and efficient.

Final Thoughts

Khoshbin's platform has significantly enhanced its digital footprint and image with its user-friendly and visually striking design. Improved search functions and intuitive features make finding properties straightforward, giving Khoshbin a competitive edge in commercial real estate. This platform not only transforms client interactions but also cements Khoshbin's role as a premier real estate service provider.


Khoshbin's platform was crafted using Next.js for robust rendering capabilities and TailwindCSS for adaptable styling, guaranteeing peak performance and responsiveness.

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