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A versatile Progressive Web App, streamlining the surfboard rental and repair process in wave pools.

Created for:


Inefficiencies in surfboard repair and rental processes.


A multi-platform PWA to digitize and automate the entire process, enhancing control and traceability.

Design and Prototyping

In designing and prototyping this project, Devio focused on creating a seamless user flow. The collaboration between the UI/UX team, product engineering, development lead, product owner, and project manager was crucial. The emphasis was on simplicity, clarity, and optimal usability.


The development process involved building a versatile PWA to leverage its benefits in terms of updates and device compatibility. While it was a single platform, different user roles and devices determined access and tab configurations. Devio ensured a robust and scalable architecture to accommodate the required functionalities and future enhancements.

Integrations and Features

The project incorporated various integrations and key functionalities, including Datadog for monitoring, Auth0 for authentication, AWS for file storage, Redis for caching, and Stripe for payments and invoices system. These integrations enhanced the overall functionality and user experience of the PWA.


The final product is a comprehensive PWA that enables surfboard rentals, creation of surfboard profiles with different categories and measurements, and association of QR codes for easy tracking. It seamlessly connects with workshops for pickup, repair, and ongoing monitoring through QR code scanning. The PWA also includes an analytics panel for administrators and Surffix, offering extensive features and options.

Final Thoughts

The completed PWA has made a significant impact on wave pools, transforming their operations. Its comprehensive functionality, user-friendly experience, and improved efficiency have resulted in positive outcomes for Surffix and its partner wave pools.


The tech stack for this project includes React and Tailwind CSS for the frontend, Nest.js with GraphQL and Prisma for the backend, and PostgreSQL for the database. This combination ensures a robust and efficient foundation for the PWA.

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